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The praise that feels best is that which comes from satisfied customers. That’s why we love reading every product review, ever article and comment, and watching every video our satisfied Mockmill users post.

Let yourself be convinced by the exceptional quality of the Mockmill and inspired by the joy that comes from milling your own flour, on-the-spot, just-in-time!


Josey Baker is the author of The Mill of San Francisco, a highly trending bakery for all the flour is milled on the spot. We asked him to give Mockmill a try and tell us how it works in his hands. He wrote to us:

Thanks so much for the mill. Actually tried it out on the other day at home. What impressed with how easy to use, and the quality of the grind !!

Josey Baker

We have a lot of the world’s best baking experts (and professional bakers!) Have reported on their Mockmill experience. We’ll start with the world-renowned teacher and author Teresa L. Greenway of Northwest Sourdough.

Enjoy watching her video! Her closing message:

I am impressed! So if you’re looking for a grinder and you have a KitchenAid, you might want to consider the Mockmill. It’s a really nice mill!


Teresa L. Greenway

Many specialist mill retailers list Mockmill and heartily recommend it. Here’s some of the customer feedback you’ll find at Breadtopia:

While I grind grains at varying coarseness, I bought it specifically for grinding rye for traditional Scandinavian breads that use rye at different levels of coarseness. It works beautifully. Of course, no surprise to bread bakers, I no longer buy flour and grind own! I also learned that freshly sifted bran makes amazingly delicious bran muffins! I ordered several buckets and lids from Breadtopia that now contain my grains. I selected the Mockmill over the Komo because the Mockmill takes no counter space and is safely tucked away until I need it.
– Linda (Verified Owner)

It is very cool to open up the housing and see real stones inside! I have an older Kitchenaid and haven’t had any problems at all with overheating- there seems to be no extra stress on the mixer at all. Very happy with this mill!
-Barbara A. (Verified Owner)

Bottom Line: the Mockmill works and it works WELL. It opens up vast options in your grain and flour selections and it’s fun to use. The product is very solid and mills a variety of finely ground flours right into the bowl of you KA stand-mixer very fast and ready to go. Buy with confidence.
-Robert Trifts (verified owner)

Breadtopia Customer Reviews

Erica Lea of the Buttered Side Up Blog tested Mockmill against all the mills she had previously considered:

In closing thoughts, would I purchase the Mockmill grain mill?

Yes, I actually would! I had been wanting my own grain mill for quite some time, but I never considered a KitchenAid attachment.

Now that I’ve tested it out, I think this is the mill I would purchase.

Erica Lea

Ellen King (at right), celebrity baker from Evanston, IL, is thrilled with to have a Mockmill at Hewn:

Fantastic mill for when we want to grind just enough grain to test new wheat varieties. It is very efficient and incredibly easy to use.

Ellen King

Former World Champion Baker Craig Ponsford reports: “You can call me a Mockmill fan!”

Craig Ponsford

19/21 reviews on Amazon (4.3 stars!) heartily recommend Mockmill. Here are some examples:

I cannot recommend this attachment enough. It is miles better than the Kitchenaid grinder but not as good, or expensive, as a KoMo.
-James Sadler

This is a well built, easy to used grain mill. I feel the expense is easily justified by the quality, design and ease of use of this product.
-Arthur D.

This mill works as advertised on my lower power KitchenAid. While I am grinding the flour for some home made bread I am able to assemble the other ingredients, and everything comes together at once. I thought it would add lots of time to the bread making process, but it does not. And the flavor is AWESOME when you make your own flour and get ALL the nutrition.
-John H

Amazon Reviews on Mockmill
Maria Speck @ Instagram

Award-winning author Maria Speck tested the Mockmill for us and reported on Instagram:

“The Mockmill has been created by one of Germany’s leading grain mill designers, Wolfgang Mock, and I consider it a game changer. I have written and talked about milling fresh flour for years, and I would be thrilled if more people could experience the amazing aroma of baked goods with freshly milled flour. Full disclosure: The folks at Mockmill sent me their attachment to provide them with feedback, which I did, and after using it on and off for about 2 months, I can highly recommend it.”

Maria Speck is the award-winning author of Simply Ancient Grains and Ancient Grains for Modern Meals (both by Ten Speed Press). Find out more about her work at

Maria Speck