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Getting Started with Home Milling http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/getting-started-with-home-milling.html http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/getting-started-with-home-milling.html#respond Wed, 26 Oct 2016 12:31:02 +0000 http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/?p=2107 Read More]]> lES8KCNtA magazine for people who love and make great bread – is there a more suitable place to report about the Mockmill?

We have asked some of the best-informed and most demanding baking experts in the world to evaluate our product and tell us about any impact it has on them. Here Jarkko Laine, one of the world’s best-connected hobby bakers, has provided us feedback in his “Bread Magazine” we’re very pleased to share …

A few excerpts and a short video by Jarkko Laine:

»If you already have the mixer, a Mockmill is a wonderful, affordable way to get started with home milling. Equipped with durable corundum stones and designed with care to detail, this is a quality product, and very easy to use.«

»As I mill my own flour, I’m not limited by the grain a miller decides to use to make the flour sold at my local supermarket. I can buy whatever grain I can find and see what I can do with it. The number of combinations to play with is huge: I can vary the ingredients I use, the way I grind them, and experiment.«

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Setting the Mockmill to its finest for delivery of beautiful whole-grain flour from any grain!  http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/setting-the-mockmill-to-its-finest-for-delivery-of-beautiful-whole-grain-flour-from-any-grain.html http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/setting-the-mockmill-to-its-finest-for-delivery-of-beautiful-whole-grain-flour-from-any-grain.html#respond Fri, 23 Sep 2016 08:00:45 +0000 http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/?p=1978 Read More]]> Did you know that the Mockmill can be easily adjusted from very coarse to very fine for producing all kinds of useful foods? The demanding user who needs particularly fine flour can adjust the Mockmill to a point well beyond the smallest dot on the adjustment knob.  The grain itself creates a buffer between the two stones, virtually preventing damage. Of course, the “finest point” at which the mill will effectively grind is different for every grain, bean or spice you grind.

Adjust down to a finer grade while the Mockmill is running…

Set the Mockmill to a point  on the printed fineness range before you begin milling. Then turn the know as far as you’d like towards “finer”. You’ll notice if you’ve gone too far,  because the flow of flour flow will diminish and finally come to a stop. You’ve had a film build up on the stones that is keeping any grinding from taking place! Easy to fix that: Simply turn the adjustment knob, with the mill turning and grain in the hopper, back to coarse for a brief moment.

gebrauchsanweisung-en mehl-mahlen backwaren

Then turn back towards fine to a point not quite as far out as you were before. The flow of nice, fine flour should begin again! In extreme cases, you may wish to quickly disassemble the Mockmill and remove any vegetal material from the stones with a gentle tool like the rounded end of a spoon.

Revised edition of the Mockmill User’s Manual now available!

These and other tips can be found in our newly published update of the Mockmill User’s Manual. It not only has a new design, but also fully revised content. A printed manual comes with the unit, for current owners or those otherwise interested, the PDF version of the manual is available for downloading.

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A New Mission http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/a-new-mission.html http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/a-new-mission.html#respond Fri, 16 Sep 2016 12:26:13 +0000 http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/?p=1888 Read More]]> Like most of us, I grew up thinking of flour – when I thought about it at all – as an inert white substance, patiently waiting in its jar on the shelf until someone needed a spoonful to thicken a gravy, or a few cups to make a cake.

Then ten years ago, I became friends with Wolfgang Mock, a man with decidedly different views about flour. Since the early 1980s, Wolfgang had been building and selling home flour mills –setting standards for such mills- his efforts driven by a deep conviction that whole, and freshly milled, was the only way that grains should be consumed.

At some point, Wolfgang’s convictions about the importance of cooking and baking with live, fresh flour brought a live, fresh energy to my own life. I admitted that Wolfgang’s mission was drawing me into his orbit.

Fresh flour - was just moments before whole grains!

I had worked for nearly twenty-five years in the field of medical technology, playing pioneer roles in boosting obscure startups to unexpected, improbable commercial success. I realized, looking back, that what drove all of us in those ventures was a sense of mission similar in passion to the missionary vibes I was now feeling in my discussions with Wolfgang.

The Mission

I also realized I was hungry for another Mission: an exercise in spreading conviction, a generally risky venture, a personal engagement requiring singular dedication and some sacrifice. I told Wolfgang to count me in.

Wolfgang’s mission for me was different, however. Unlike my prior experience developing new technologies, this time I would be bringing back an old technology – but doing so in a way that aligned with a newfound global interest in real foods. In fact, my task was to find new ways to approach the challenge of convincing people to give up a convenience few people question – that inert bag of flour on the pantry shelf.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-16 um 10.17.18

Wolfgang knows, and has known for decades, that in our society grains are generally transformed to flour too early – and too destructively – for them to be of much value to us as food. To get their full value, we need to eat the whole content of the grain. And we need to eat it at once: we need to wait until the very last minute before we liberate the grains from their wonderfully protective natural packages, transforming them into something we can readily consume.

For that, we have to do our own milling. Just-in-Time. On-the-Spot. Our mission, at Wolfgang Mock, is to provide simpler, better, more affordable means of doing so. We’ll make it easy for people to unpack nature’s gift right before using it, an approach that promises more flavor and better nutrition for the consumer.

But how will we get that consumer to break such a very old habit? How will we get people to stop using only flour milled somewhere else, by someone else, sometime before? That is my new mission, one that has me greeting each new day with enthusiasm – and this blog will chronicle my experiences as a Milling Missionary.

Mockmill Scene 04 Mockmill-Thunderbird 04

A missionary’s life is generally fraught with hardship, frustration, and doubt. But it is also characterized by a sense of great purpose and meaning, and usually studded with profound moments of satisfaction. The successful missionary oversees the hardship, overcomes the frustration, represses or forgives the doubt, lives for the sense of purpose and bathes deliciously in the pleasure and privilege of those profound moments.

Empowering professionals...
Empowering professionals…

Already, this mission to get people excited about fresh, home-milled flour has allowed me to learn from Wolfgang Mock… to call on baking and grain experts around the world (who generously allow me to grab their attention!)… to travel to fascinating conferences and meetings… and to gather feedback on what we (and so many others) see as a truly nifty first product. It’s also allowed me to develop a lifestyle in harmony with the mission and also with my true, deeply-held values.

What a privilege! And it’s about that privilege that I intend to write. I hope you’ll enjoy the chronicle, as I am certain to enjoy writing it.


Next post: A completely new environment…

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Bread baking seminar with all-star cast! http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/bread-baking-seminar-with-all-star-cast.html http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/bread-baking-seminar-with-all-star-cast.html#respond Wed, 14 Sep 2016 10:11:28 +0000 http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/?p=1876 Read More]]> On September 10, it was time – three longtime home-milling sourdough bakers accepted our invitation, and took part – together with Wolfgang Mock and PPG.Baker – on the first in a series „ Baking with fresh flour, milled Just-in-Time, in scenic Otzberg-Lengfeld!

The list of participants was quite impressive. It included an employee of Bioverlag, the leading German publisher dedicated to whole grains, a dietician and nutritionist from the Association for Independent Health Counseling and a well-known blogger for healthy living and cooking.

A productive day on „The Hof“ in Otzberg


It was for all participants an informative and above all productive day at The Hof in Otzberg-Lengfeld. The program began with preparation of three different doughs using freshly ground flour. Next, the “Stretch and Fold” technique, well-known in the USA but new to most German bakers, replaced traditional kneading to give the dough ist structure. Finally, partitioning of the dough, forming of the loaves, and finally the scoring of the bread as it went into the oven was demonstrated and practiced. As these practical steps were done, instructions were offered for the correct handling of the oven and in particular optimal leavening.

The aim of every baking course is to give all participants the tools they need to confidently repeat at home the processes they have learned. Thus, each participant baked three loaves (two wheat mixed breads and one rye bread), learning to master the “stretch and fold” technique.

The “yeast water method” by Pablo Puluke Giet

The bread made during this seminar was leavened with the “yeast water method” described by Pablo Puluke Giet in his publication on bread fermentation. (Fundamentals of Fermentation PPG Baker as a PDF file).

The feedback from the expert group was most positive. The participants praised the “fantastic environment”, the “grandiose” scop oft he course and the “completely new” sourdough technique they learned.

You, too, can take part in a baking course with Wolfgang Mock and PPG Baker!

Language need be no barrier; English is part of our tradition!

We cordially invite you to join us for upcoming Autumn hands-on seminars! Come along on October 15th or November 19th, 9:00AM to 6:00PM at our Hof in scenic Otzberg-Lengfeld (near Frankfurt)! The participation fee is €150, and includes meals and  three self-baked loaves of delicious bread to take home. You’ll also take all your ingredients, including the sourdough starter you prepare yourself, with you to repeat your feat at home the next day.

Register simply by writing to either wolfgang@wolfgangmock.com or ppg.baker@gmail.com.

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Wolfgang Mock meets Grain Experts in Washington State http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/wolfgang-mock-meets-grain-experts-in-washington-state.html http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/wolfgang-mock-meets-grain-experts-in-washington-state.html#respond Thu, 11 Aug 2016 08:00:09 +0000 http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/?p=1819 Read More]]> Not only Paul B. Lebeau, but also Wolfgang Mock was on the road in the United States at the end of July. He was, however, over 4,000 kilometers away on the west coast of the United States, in the state of Washington near the Canadian border. The Washington State University Bread Lab had invited experts and enthusiasts from around the globe to their annual “Grain Gathering”, where the “Grain Revolution” goes into full swing. Wolfgang Mock wrote down his experiences in a nutshell:

Most remarkable is my sense of somehow having “come home”. It reminded me very much of the very pleasant and exciting situation in which I found myself when we brought together in 1985 and subsequent years, people determined to develop health food stores throughout Germany. At that time, all were enthusiastic and very very welcoming. 

Grain Gathering 2016 Grain Gathering 2016 Grain Gathering 2016

And now the same thing here: present for the meeting, which lasted three days, were bakers, millers, farmers and scientists from Sweden, Australia, England, Canada, Mexico and of course from the United States. There were practical demonstrations, we baked, we discussed grains. A highlight for me was the tour of the Bread Lab’s extensive experimental fields at 4:30 in the morning with Dr. Steven Jones, who is without a doubt the driving force of the Grain Gathering.

It’s simply unbelievable how many different wheat and rye varieties grow in those experimental fields. I saw yellow, blue, purple wheat and many more other colors in which the grain grows there. It is great to experience wheat and rye and barley that can grow easily. As high as I know it from my youth! More than 40,000 (!) different varieties!

Grain Gathering 2016 Grain Gathering 2016 Grain Gathering 2016
The baking workshops were just great! Seeing how well-crafted the products were and above all, how deliberately and seriously the bakers here go about their work. Using freshly ground grain is for the vast majority here of great importance. Some of the bakers have a mill in their bakeries, but many others buy from a nearby artisan mill.Sure, the “Grain Revolution” movement as a whole is still small. The enthusiasm and motivation, however, are great. And the research going on there, on wheat, rye and other cereals, is impressive. To bake differently, to live differently, in a different world – it is possible. I’ve arrived back home full of inspiration!

Grain Gathering 2016 Grain Gathering 2016
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Kneading-Conference and Artisan Bread Fair in Maine http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/kneading-conference-and-artisan-bread-fair-in-maine.html http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/kneading-conference-and-artisan-bread-fair-in-maine.html#respond Mon, 01 Aug 2016 17:07:50 +0000 http://www.wolfgangmock.com/en/?p=1565 Read More]]> At the moment our Managing Director Paul B. Lebeau is visiting the United States and has attended the Kneading Conference and the Artisan Bread Fair in Maine. Here are some of his thoughts and experiences …

The Maine Kneading Conference and Artisan Bread Fair gave me a chance to spend the better part of four days in a context in which our topic, Just-in-Time Milling, was always welcome. Everyone there seemed to know that baking with freshly milled flour is a clearly superior approach to bread making. And everyone there was passionate about bread, grains, sustainability and clean living.

There was a familiar atmosphere, with in fact many families very largely represented. Even at the bread fair, with 3000+ attendees from all over the Northeastern United States and Canada (I really got to practice my French!), everyone seemed to know everyone else. Many people have been making this an annual pilgrimage.

"New Bread Basket" author Amy Halloran swearing us all in as "Flour Ambassadors" Learning to bake brioche in the sweltering heat Kneading-Conference 2016

I attended lectures and practical workshops, learned about making pastries, breads, and pancakes but also about launching a bakery, about promoting whole grains, about becoming an author, and much more. Perhaps most interesting was the bread-tasting workshop I attended by baker and author Michael Kalanty, in which we learned how to describe the different and complex tastes one encounters in bread.

Kneading-Conference 2016 Kneading-Conference 2016 Maine Kneading-Conference 2016

Above all, I have the feeling that I have made dozens and dozens of new friends. I was made to feel most welcome, invited to stay in the home of a delightful couple, helped in every way to make our Mockmill presentation successful (and it was!), assisted in making hundreds and hundreds of whole-grain sourdough pancakes to give away by two lovely ladies, and congratulated by seemingly everyone on having made a very positive contribution to the event.

I can heartily recommend that bread enthusiasts from anywhere make Maine a summer vacation destination and include at least the Artisan Bread Day in their plans. The geography of Central Maine is lush and lovely with lots of outdoor activities possible, the people frank and friendly, the civilization (architecture, shopping, lodging, dining, etc.) authentic and different. Above all, attendance at the two day conference is a worthwhile exercise in giving one’s breadmaking skills a bounce!

Kneading-Conference 2016 Mockmill played a role in the Conference production bakery! Kneading-Conference 2016 ]]>
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