PendelinoMuch more than
a common tray

Spill-Free Serving!

Our PendelinoManage virtually any situation with Pendelino®, because you can arrive at your destination without spilling a drop – no matter the liquid contents, the obstacles, or the location – inside or out, up the stairs or down.

This elegant swinging wonder slips with you through the door, sneaks past sleeping children, floats up or down steps and stairs safely to the table where friends and family are waiting. You can even carry two trays at a time! Children can even easily carry it without making a splash.

So get swinging along with Pendelino® Watch the video and then order now!

The Pendelino® Principle

The cardan suspension, or gimbal, is named for Gerolamo Cardano (1501-1576), an Italian mathematician and physicist who figured out that when a ship moves on the water, it transfers its movements to its passengers.

A bird cage can be held on the hand so that the bird hardly notices the curves and other movements the carrier makes. A shipboard compass is a perfect use for this principle. Pendelino® is another. Cardano plus Tray is Pendelino®.

Serve the new way, thanks to Cardano!

Product Information

  • Easily holds the weight of 15 8 oz. glasses of water
  • Size: 14″ diameter
  • 1 mm gauge steel plate
  • Elegant and yet robust
  • Removable 10 mm stainless steel handle
  • Includes replaceable anti-slip liner
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