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Bread Magazine - The Making Of A Mill Maker


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Oldways Whole Grains Council February 2016

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February 17, 2016

“You like to grind your own coffee beans. You prefer fresh-squeezed orange juice, when you can get it. So why don’t you mill your own whole grain flour?

That’s the question that kept running through my mind as I put a mix of red wheat berries and barley into the hopper of a grain mill attachment on my kitchen mixer. The mixer jiggled the grain kernels into a set of compressed-stone wheels, and soon a thin stream of fine, tan flour fell into the mixer bowl.

I measured out three cups of flour, added yeast, warm water, olive oil and salt, and created a quick pizza dough. My husband, already fond of our favorite shortcut of using whole wheat flatbread as the base for our homemade pizzas, was dubious. “I was afraid it might be gummy,” he admitted later. (Not all my kitchen experiments work out the first time.) “But it turned out thin and crispy, with a delightful crunch.”

Stephen Jafa, in “Grain of Truth”, paperback, June 2016

A KA grain-grinder attachment (that) does a fair job of pulverizing kernels. But for anyone who wants the freshest wheat (or other) flour ground to your preference from coarse to fine, I recommend the new Mockmill Grain Mill. German-compact bullet-shaped engineering marvel that you insert into the all-attachment KA “power-hub.”

Once you quickly and smoothly grain seeds into flour you’re likely to become an acolyte—the flavor difference is that pronounced. There’s no oxidation, whole flour’s worst enemy, so no loss of freshness: the bran and germ in most packaged also stays relatively cool, protecting against flour damage. Selling at $200, a quite reasonable price for a superior home unit, the Mockmill can be purchased online.

WGN Radio “New to Lou Too: Mockmill”, 11 July 2015

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“I’m so excited about this new tool! (Great radio feed for Just-in-Time Milling as well as Mockmill. L Says “Not cheap, though…” Vibescored 100! The radio moderator emphasized the excitement that milling engenders.

“I’d buy TWO of them at $200! I love this “New to Lou Too!”

Chicago Tribune 9 March 2015

Star Author Maria Speck June 2016

mariaspeck react-text: 1262 Have you thought of freshly milling your own whole grains for pancakes, cookies, bread, and more? This German-made attachment href=””>@kitchenaid react-text: 1264 mixer is the tool I used today to grind the flour for my olive oil cake (see previous post).
The /react-text #Mockmill react-text: 1265 has been created by one of Germany’s leading grain mill designers, Wolfgang Mock, and I consider it a game changer. I more people could experience the amazing aroma of baked goods with freshly milled flour.

Full disclosure: The folks at #mockmill sent me their attachment to provide them with feedback, which I did, and after using it on and off for about 2 months, I can highly recommend it.”





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Wolfgang Mock

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