Getting Started with Home Milling

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A magazine for people who love and make great bread – is there a more suitable place to report about the Mockmill? We have asked some of the best-informed and most demanding baking experts in the world to evaluate our product and tell us about any impact it has on them. Here Jarkko Laine, one

Mockmill in Action

Setting the Mockmill to its finest for delivery of beautiful whole-grain flour from any grain! 

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Did you know that the Mockmill can be easily adjusted from very coarse to very fine for producing all kinds of useful foods? The demanding user who needs particularly fine flour can adjust the Mockmill to a point well beyond the smallest dot on the adjustment knob.  The grain itself creates a buffer between the

Back-Kurs mit prominenter Besetzung

A New Mission

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Like most of us, I grew up thinking of flour – when I thought about it at all – as an inert white substance, patiently waiting in its jar on the shelf until someone needed a spoonful to thicken a gravy, or a few cups to make a cake. Then ten years ago, I became

Back-Kurs mit prominenter Besetzung

Bread baking seminar with all-star cast!

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On September 10, it was time – three longtime home-milling sourdough bakers accepted our invitation, and took part – together with Wolfgang Mock and PPG.Baker – on the first in a series „ Baking with fresh flour, milled Just-in-Time, in scenic Otzberg-Lengfeld! The list of participants was quite impressive. It included an employee of Bioverlag, the


Wolfgang Mock meets Grain Experts in Washington State

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Not only Paul B. Lebeau, but also Wolfgang Mock was on the road in the United States at the end of July. He was, however, over 4,000 kilometers away on the west coast of the United States, in the state of Washington near the Canadian border. The Washington State University Bread Lab had invited experts


Kneading-Conference and Artisan Bread Fair in Maine

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At the moment our Managing Director Paul B. Lebeau is visiting the United States and has attended the Kneading Conference and the Artisan Bread Fair in Maine. Here are some of his thoughts and experiences … The Maine Kneading Conference and Artisan Bread Fair gave me a chance to spend the better part of four days in a